10 years have forged the caliber of our steel...

Our Journey

D.R. Steel Inc. came into existence in February 2014, driven by a passion for precision and a vision to redefine structural steel craftsmanship. With over 17 years of hands-on experience, Rafael, our founder, has been a guiding force in our ascent to industry prominence.

From humble beginnings, we have evolved into a trusted partner for major construction companies, a testament to our dedication to quality and reliability.

Steel Services

At D.R. Steel Inc., we excel in timely project execution, completing your fabrication, installation, and erection needs with precision and efficiency. Our commitment to delivering prompt and exceptional services sets us apart, ensuring your projects are realized seamlessly. Trust us to bring your visions to life with speed and skill.

When it comes to steel, it's synonymous with us.

We know what you’re looking for, and to create a strong foundation, it all begins with a call.